• Disposable food box, fast food box

    Disposable food box, fast food box

    Features of disposable plastic food container: ·

    Good sealing performance, no leakage and keep food fresh ·

    Suitable for microwave oven and freezer (-20°C to 120°C) ·

    Safe and eco-friendly ·

    Modern appearance and easy to carry

  • Hot sale China 4X8 Coroplast PP Hollow Corrugated Plastic Sheet

    Hot sale China 4X8 Coroplast PP Hollow Corrugated Plastic Sheet

    We are the manufacturer of pp corrugated sheet, pp hollow sheet over 12 years in Shenzhen China, the pp hollow sheet is a new plastic material widely use in all kinds of industries, for packaging normally is packing box, turnover box, for print is advertising board, sign board, the pp corrugated sheet is Eco-friendly, light weight, durable and waterproof and so on. 

  • pp corrugated storage cage

    pp corrugated storage cage

    Pp corrugated storages cage is made by pp can metal, the pp corrugated board is a wall and layer pad for the storage cage, according the different cage size, the pp hollow sheet can customized made different size, the pp corrugated sheet also can fold, the pp corrugated board twin-wall is perfect for protect the products when moving and turnover.

  • pp corrugated sheet with eva, epe foam

    pp corrugated sheet with eva, epe foam

    PP hollow board is a new type of environmental protection packaging material, in the process of use will not produce dust, and long service life, is more than 4-10 times the life of corrugated board, recyclable, has gradually replace the trend of paper corrugated board, mainly reflected in the product packaging.

  • pp hollow sheet, pp corrugated sheet

    pp hollow sheet, pp corrugated sheet

    Pp hollow sheet (Polypropylene Hollow Corrugated Plastic Sheet) is an extruded twin wall hollow sheet consisting of two flat walls connected by vertical ribs. Pp hollow sheet also know as pp corrugated sheet, pp corrugated board, pp hollow board, pp corflute sheet, pp flute board, pp correx sheet and pp coroplast sheet.

  • pp corrugated partiton

    pp corrugated partiton

    Pp corrugated partiton, pp hollow sheet divider, also known as the partition, with environmental protection characteristics, it is the pp hollow sheet according different products made the customized shape and size for separate and protect products, the pp hollow sheet partition widely use in products packaging, shipping, storages, warehouse, store and products turnover.

  • pp corrugated floor protect sheet

    pp corrugated floor protect sheet

    PP corrugated sheet for floor protec and construction protect can be made customized size and rolls, normally the thickness is 2-7mm thick, according the different request, it can be made ultra-violet protection, anti-static, conductive, flame retardant, custom colors, corrosive inhibitors made the special pp hollow sheet.

  • pp corrugated box for express

    pp corrugated box for express

    Pp corrugated sheet can be use in express, normally, it is for the express box, express shipping. Pp hollow sheet is twin-wall structure, it is flexible for fold, the twin-wall structure is a perfect for protect products on shiping.

  • pp hollow election box

    pp hollow election box

    Pp corrugated sheet is widely used in advertisement, the election use pp corrugated sheet is customized made display stand, election box, election rack, sign board, election sign and others election products, it is customized made the shape and size for different thick, different color, different print pp hollow sheet.

  • pp hollow sheet advertising box

    pp hollow sheet advertising box

    The pp corrugated ESD turnover box is the same as pp corrugated turnover box, it also have Non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance, light weight, durable, stackable, gorgeous appearance, rich color, pure, recyclable, environmental protection, no pollution and other characteristics.

  • esd pp hollow sheet

    esd pp hollow sheet

    ESD PP hollow sheet has light weight, strong, uniform thickness, smooth surface, good heat resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent chemical stability and electrical insulation, non-toxic characteristics.

  • pp corrugated advertising board

    pp corrugated advertising board

    pp hollow sheet adveritsing board is extruded and made of PP raw material, with strong impact resistance, waterproof and shockproof, and easy print, customized size and shape.

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